Unlocking the Code

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Feelings of fear generated by an increasing uncertainty are a natural result of failing to deal with chaos. With all the intensifying increasing chaos in our world today, it is easy to lose our centre and perspective. According to ancient wisdoms, chaos was seen as the divine way of creating an upheaval in order to break through patterns of denial that held a person emotionally or mentally captive. I believe that chaos brings about necessary endings to ways of living that cease to serve the well-being of humanity.

Legendary scholar and mentor to film-maker George Lucas, advocated that we all study ancient myths in order to learn how to become our best selves and deal with chaos. The Super HERO Code brings alive all the teachings of conscious mythical living. Myths are stories that are found in every culture. Often they are fleshed out in different ways in diverse cultures, but nonetheless the reason we find that same myth in in culture after culture, age after age, is precisely because it embodies some great forgotten truth – virtually always about human nature. Because myths have much to teach us about human nature, they are extremely useful for deepening our understanding of ourselves.

This is what the Super HERO Code is all about – the Map and the Code combined take ‘mentoring’ to a whole new holistic level. The resurrrection of the teachings within ancient sometimes forgotten myths, legends and stories contained within the wisdoms of the Code herald the end of complacency and ignorance, the old broken down way of existence, which hasn’t worked. The Code helps us recognise the gift in loss, pain, suffering and setbacks… so we can shed the skins of victim consciousness and become our Super HERO best selves!

What can you do?

I am asking you to join me in creating a legacy we can all be proud of. This lifetime is the one where civilisation can leave a collective legacy for future generations. We’re trapped in materialism, unsatisfying but addictive. We’re destroying the planet, and ourselves. We lack peace, purpose and passion. And these don’t just happen. Peace is crafted in the hearts, minds and actions of ordinary people like you and I. The Super HERO Code is edutainment at its very best…a collection of truly powerful, inspirational and cutting edge interviews with modern day super heroes containing teachings, which if lived consistently, will guide us down an alternative path and away from behaviour which no longer serves us.

The Super HERO Code contains a much needed message of vision and hope… wisdoms that penetrate to the heart, beyond fear and conflict to create the miracle of universal peace. What I require now are remarkable people; visionaries and philanthropists with power, influence, integrity and the financial clout to help to get The Super HERO Code off the drawing board and up and running on the internet, radio, in-flight entertainment, film and in the printed press.

Susie Anthony shares that the most meaningful experiences in life usually always come from mistakes, heartbreak, and pain… that through being willing to enter and embrace these dark spaces outside the bubble of good fortune and material success that most people call everyday reality, we can all learn something useful. This has been her direct experience and this concept forms the core of The Super HERO Code collection of stories, which is not so much about the super heroes themselves, but the super hero qualities we can all reconnect to within each of us and the mysterious yet simple how to of all this.