The Mission

Dismantling the stress from ‘Fight or Flight’ living.

Finding our higher purpose to live with passion.

Identifying and understanding where we are on our own personal development journeys and being prepared for what lies ahead, in these uncertain times.

The Experience

Joseph Campbell’s famous quote ‘Follow your Bliss’ comes from the ancient Hindu insight that the Soul has the qualities of Absolute Truth (Sat), Absolute Consciousness (Chit) & Bliss (Ānand).

Campbell didn’t know or hadn’t experienced Sat or Chit but he recognised Ananda – Bliss.

​At The SuperHEROCode retreat, Susie teaches from all three, and her work draws from many vastly diverse traditions too, synthesising what is most needed at this time of great change, risk and opportunity.

To Whet Your Appetite

Delicious home cooked fresh food of the region – a celebration of nourishing foods for breakfast lunch and dinner – keeping in mind that food is medicine and we are what we eat.

We will be lunching out two to three times during the week at our own cost.

The Last Word

Learning to understand and apply the teachings of The Super HERO Code heralds the return of another much better way of living accessed through higher self-knowledge, alignment to service, a return to love, the gift of all this being higher purpose and greater meaning in our lives – HAPPINESS.

We all spend so much money on making ourselves happy and it doesn’t last yet when we make another person happy, we feel happy ourselves. The Super HERO Code retreats are ultimately all about how to make the change from ‘me-thinking to we-thinking’ as we learn how to transform by understanding and applying the wisdoms of all kinds of myths both ancient and modern. Much of this mythical wisdom is being regurgitated today even and especially in modern day comic book super-heroes – believe it or not.

Without exception, we are all of us personally and collectively entering the white water rapids of conscious human evolution. Discover here on retreat the Map and the Code… all the keys of how to manage this unprecedented leap in consciousness effectively and efficiently with minimal stress.

Over the years I have gone through many diverse life and death type trials, setbacks and formidable ordeals to fight and tame my dragons, to follow my passion and find my bliss… I could never have survived without applying the wisdoms gleaned from both ancient and modern myths, legends and stories.

I have written an award winning book about this (‘A Map to God’) and far from being ignored by the national mainstream media, it was featured on ITV This Morning. It’s been suggested that this book would make an ideal manual for anyone interested in super-hero living! The book contains an ancient alchemical map of awakening… and the keys to interpret the map… like The Super HERO Code; it’s an outstanding synthesis of ‘maps to empowerment materials and tools for transformation’.

The Next Step

Claim your place on one of my 2023-2024 Retreats

Commencing on the 9th of October: more details of the Renaissance Community – a 9-month subscription of weekly 1-hour sessions on Zoom for just £75 per month. Make a deposit of £40 to confirm your place. Membership qualifies you for all kinds of discounts on my work.

Zoom On-Line Empowerment Mentoring & Remote Healing 3 hours per day for £300 and I would suggest a minimum of 4 days to breakthrough and really transform.

1 to 1 or small groups of up to 4 for Retreats at The Well House near Wells in Somerset… tailor-made ‘bespoke’ Retreats catering to individual needs to combat the stress of ‘fight or flight’ living. Log fires, gourmet food, spiritual cinema, excursions and all kinds of pampering. 1 to 1 is £1800 for a 5-day retreat. Retreats include full board and a personalised Super-Reiki Session and mentoring on the Super Hero Code, but excludes additional personal therapies and collection OR drop off at Bath Spa Train Station.