Super HERO Code Introduction

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What is the Super HERO Code?

We can’t experience courage, wisdom and compassion from reading a book… we have to be in the lion’s mouth! Super HEROES usually begin life as ordinary people, who then ‘somehow’ acquire incredible powers, often after something diabolical happens to them. They retreat from everyday life, find a mentor, discover a higher purpose, study, reflect and train hard to refine their new abilities before they share these with the rest of humanity… for the greatest good. This compelling, ground-breaking synthesis of teachings pioneers a new style of learning – edutainment, with storytelling coming straight from the lion’s mouth, with ordinary yet truly remarkable people who have learned how to conquer fear, to become their Super HERO best selves and soar! Living the Super HERO Code is our new moral and ethical imperative and we all of us have a role to play in making this happen… and the good news is that the map and the tools of the Super HERO Code tell us all the different ways we can each of us do this.

Discover here the Map and the Code… all the keys of how to manage the unprecedented leap in consciousness effectively and efficiently.

Introducing the Super HERO Code

When I had the chance to meet the Hon Mr Al Gore in 2007 at the Leaders in London Conference in London, England, he confided in me that…‘We need another HERO generation’. This electrifying private conversation with him, planted the seed about how I could simplify the teachings from my award winning personal development book to reformulate the complex and ancient wisdoms, the leading edge psychological breakthrough techniques and western business success principles for mass consumption, and that’s what inspired me to create the Super HERO Code.

My belief is that everyone has Super HERO DNA and our role is revealing the Code to help unlock it. By introducing mentors (real-life contemporary ‘super heroes’), providing the map and all the tools to help interpret it, we can create a new Super HERO way of living. I am passionate about building authentic community – helping people to understand that one person’s change – changes the world. We will allow truth to combat complacency, knowledge to displace ignorance and real inner strength and personal power to overcome inertia.

What the incredible modern day comic book super heroes really emphasize is that super heroes come in all shapes and sizes – as do humans… rich and poor and everything in between.

Some super heroes are born with special gifts, talents and powers like Superman, while others get theirs through training or even by accident or both like Spiderman and Batman. Some are ‘chosen’ like Green Lantern. Without exception they all benefitted from mentors and guides and were tested along the way, having to learn how to deal with rejection, abandonment, betrayal and setbacks… learning new rules and having the tools to apply the rules daily. I have chosen people to be interviewed who have consistently demonstrated a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks, the discipline to tell the truth, the capacity for sacrifice. Ironically, in some cases these virtues made them vulnerable; they were wounded but like true Super HEROES they never gave up and were never destroyed. I do not restrict the term ‘Super HERO’ to warrior or life-saver; I use it to describe anyone who has had the courage to follow his or her calling, obtained the necessary knowledge and skills, and then used that wisdom and experience for the benefit of his or her people and the planet to create order out of chaos.

Chaos results when the world changes faster than people are willing to change. The Super HERO always knows that our most authentic discoveries come from chaos, from going to the places that look wrong, bad, stupid or foolish – that this breeds life and adventure, whereas order breeds inertia and stagnation.

The impulse behind The Super HERO Code is to disseminate knowledge to all. Please help us to encourage everyone to surrender to their greatness and to see and accept their value once more. It’s about great hearts, minds and spirits joining together to pour out our life force in the cause of world service.

It provides mentoring in the innovative form of ‘edu-tainment’ to uplift all of humanity – whilst understanding that creating new life will cause all the hidden fears and insecurities that accompany transformation and change to come to the surface. The Super HERO Code contains within it all the solutions to conquer every kind of mass ignorance which causes fear. That is what makes it so extraordinary and why it will be EPIC… with your help.