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The Inconvenient Work of Waking Up

We are called to reconnect to the Super HERO inside when we experience an awakening (normally as a result of some sort of crisis), but few of us choose to take a heroic stance. Be it the death of a loved one, divorce, redundancy or something that causes the personality to meet the Super HERO inside, we are given the opportunity to choose which voice to listen to in order to embrace greatness. Choosing to live the Super HERO way creates a life much greater than we could have anticipated. Loss, pain and suffering are, therefore, ultimately gifts, putting us back in touch with compassion for the plights of others. Without exception we are all of us personally and collectively entering the white water rapids of conscious human evolution.

Discover here the Map and the Code… all the keys of how to manage the unprecedented leap in consciousness effectively and efficiently.



ON-GOING Super HERO Code Mentoring

The Super HERO Code is about people redeeming each other, getting past their own barriers to live with passion in a more positive way. The key is waking up to what doesn’t work and then making different life choices in ways that help to create a more balanced self and a healthier world. When we understand and can master our own personal power for the greatest good, the gift of all this is felt in a deeply fulfilling emotional life, having a strong sense of purpose, healthy belonging and an ability to creatively accomplish life tasks in ways that increase enjoyment, improve our world and give greater meaning.

Everyone on earth today has within them an aspect of these super heroic qualities, gifts which are sacred and unique to that individual and which with our help, only they can determine to find.