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Kelley… Learning is a spiral 🌀, redoing this work and also doing the summer bundle shows and teaches us parts that we missed before or shows us different angles. Susie also teaches it in a way that the lessons are learnt differently. Very pleased i decided to do the summer bundle. Thank you Susie 🥰🥰

Laura… I’ve loved being in Renaissance for the past 3 years – a deep dive into self development and healing. My favourite part of the week is Monday night when we all meet on zoom. So pleased I can get access directly to you through Renaissance 💕 thank you for encouraging me to write my fairy tale. I still can’t believe what that showed me and what I was able to release because of it! 🙏🏽



Hi Susie,

Wow indeed, it was a fabulous session for me! Goosebumps aplenty as I was transported to another time, another place. Colours of the deepest purple and white-pink light with a golden hue shone brightly to the side of the purple and then seemed to envelop me. I felt so supported, so loved, it seemed I was being welcomed back into the fold after a long period of time away from this loving presence.

As I was drawn to look deep into the purple and it was vast, I could see waves of energy as though something was shapeshifting (which goes along with the work you told me you had been doing on me at the time). The patterns at first were like fast-moving clouds in a bright blue, only it was purple, sky. ” Father sky, Mother Earth” I heard this loud and clear over and over and my body responded with strong chills. It is a very warm day today 27 degrees so the chills were very noticeable. Then such a calm, and peaceful feeling, pure bliss along with a knowing, a realisation of being home.

Susie has such a beautiful caring and nurturing energy and with it comes powerful awakenings which, happen when you are open to receiving this exceptional gift from source via Susie.

I have worked with many of the world’s leaders in this field and never have I had such wonderful positive moves forward in my energetic path as I have with this amazing woman.

Remote initiations are something I would highly recommend you take advantage of if you feel called to move to higher planes and move forward on your journey.

You can also join us on a retreat later in the year for this is just the beginning of where we can ascend to with the awesome transformational healing power and with the assistance Susie can offer you on your path to enlightenment and a strong renewed connection to source.

Thank you, Susie, I feel awesome. ❤️ xx

Susanne… I have been part of the Renaissance Community for three years. I have loved being part of this group of loving and caring individuas – all who joined for a common goal despite their individual differences.
I can honestly say that I have learned a great deal from Susie’s teachings and feel I have had a huge shift within me that has helped me to truly move my life forward.

Not all of it has been easy – but if you choose to experience true progress, you have to address your own denials and ‘do the work’. Both last year and this year, I have had significant breakthroughs, which… if I hadn’t persevered and stuck with Susie’s teachings, I might not have experienced.

A course that offers so much value, as amidst her teachings, Susie includes powerful attunements, meditations; processes for release of negative, buried emotions and she provides a great array of supporting material both in written form and recordings plus replays from every session held! Amazing!

Reinier… Highly recommended. Susie’s teachings are life-changing. They have definitely made a difference in my life. I am still thankful that I decided to book that first flight to Somerset in 2004. It has also been a privilege to be part of the Renaissance community for the past three years. If you’ve received this invitation: go for it. 👊

Sonali… Susie’s teachings and healing have made a profound impact on my life and also on some of the closest people in my family. She has a unique way of teaching, sharing spiritual wisdom, knowledge and life experiences. She will help you look at your life in a very different way, sometimes it can be quite challenging but she guides you on how to navigate from love and spirit. Her healings are magical. Renaissance is perfectly placed on Mondays ensuring you start the week refreshed and empowered.

Liz… Sign me up for another round please @susie anthony. This last round was my first one and I’ve really enjoyed it, despite also finding it very difficult at times. I think it’s hard to find spiritual groups that do the genuine work on ego/shadow/persona to clear obstacles so you can get out of your own way. This is the part I have found most difficult, but it has also been the most rewarding and enlightening. I’ve noticed great improvements in my close relationships and generally how I interact with people since doing this course, which is worth more than whatever else money can buy. I have really enjoyed and benefited from Susie’s powerful healings as well. I would highly recommend this course to those looking for a genuine spiritual journey. Lots of love xo

Shirley… I first met Susie by what I believe was divine intervention three years ago when I was suffering from long covid. I was challenged with fatigue and my blood results were deranged. I did a remote retreat with Susie and I was sent healing, the following month my bloods were taken again and all came back normal. I joined the renaissance group which has taught me to really look at myself and others from a completely different perspective that has indeed changed my destructive patterns, thought processes and behaviours within myself. Susie does everything with the utmost love and devotion and I truly believe that Susies teachings on reiki and daily connection to source has changed my life in the most profound way. 🙏❤

Susie H… I have been part of Renaissance with Susie Anthony for over 3 years now and it has been my lifeline time after time. Meeting up regularly on a Monday night on Zoom has been such a blessing, with Susie’s wisdom and healing attunements and the opportunity to get rid of what no longer serves.

Susie’s profound knowledge and understanding of the spiritual realm is eye-opening no matter how much work you think you may have done.
Susie doesn’t hold back if she sees something in us that could do with deeper exploration or discipline but done in such a loving way.
I am so grateful to be part of this and look forward to diving deeper.

Maggie… I have been in Renaissance for two years, I enjoy a daily practice with Susie’s super MS-REM. Reiki Ray. Monday evenings is all about Susie’s teachings about self development. How to live, love and let go of the psychological patterns that keep us trapped. A truly transformational course where you will meet new friends in a safe environment to talk about our deepest fears and how to move forward in this very confusing world. A wonderful spiritual journey where Susie’s shares her spiritual knowledge and teachings in a way that no other spiritual teacher that I have ever met before. You will truly be amazed. This is a wonderful affordable course. Maggie Ward 🙏💕

Bianca… I have been attending weekly Renaissance classes with Susie for three years running. I am sure there are no other teachers and online spiritual communities like this.

Susie is the most generous, wise and gifted teacher, mentor, guide and healer one could possibly wish for. Her incredible life story astonishes and inspires in equal measures.

Our Monday group sessions have been our weekly oases of calm, sanity, serenity, learning, inspiration, wisdom, letting go, positivity, hope and profound healing.

Every class is different and builds up on the previous ones.

Every year I attended Renaissance classes has shaped me and helped me to grow and expand exponentially.

Under Susie’s watchful eye, we have all developed emotionally and spiritually and became a family, loving and supportive of each other.
This is very rare in today’s challenging world.

Susie’s standards are high.  She gives a huge amount of herself and expects a lot from us, her students, too.

Difficult emotions and situations are regularly worked on and processed in our Monday classes.

There is nothing more precious than watching and witnessing each other in our group blossom and grow, despite life’s obstacles and challenges in today’s complex world.

Susie’s healing sessions and powerful atunements have been
extremely helpful and profound as well.

The whole Renaissance experience has been a profound gift, for which I am deeply grateful.

I cannot recommend Susie’s classes highly enough.
Truly a life changing experience.
Love and gratitude 🙏❤️

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