Dr Lee Jampolsky

“Simply put, The Super Hero Code inspires! Over the years I have become less and less interested in dialogue that increases controversy and separation, which appears to be the path of most mainstream media, and more interested in conversations and experiences which inspire people to soar above the mediocrity and false beliefs, that cause limitations.

In short, the Super Hero Code shows people what is possible within and around them. It is not so much about the super heroes themselves, but the super hero qualities we can all reconnect to within each of us. I believe that as a Psychologist much of my purpose is to help the world wake up from a slumber that is quite dangerous, so pioneering the field of Inspirational Psychology is essential, and The Super Hero Code based on a synthesis of super hero code teachings created by Susie Anthony joins me on the forefront of this new and important field.”

As a recognized leader in psychology and human potential, Dr Lee Jampolsky has served on the medical staff and faculty of respected hospitals and graduate schools. Dr Jampolsky has appeared on radio and TV shows spanning the globe. He’s been interviewed or quoted by hundreds of publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, The Los Angeles Times, Entrepreneur, and Women’s World. He’s had seven books published in over ten languages and has sold millions of copies all over the world.

Professor Miceal Ledwith

“The Super HERO Code takes you on the shortest journey… out of the head and into the heart. It may well be the shortest journey but is often the longest because of the multitude of self-inflicted barriers and obstacles we put in our own way. This is what the Code addresses at the deepest level: how to get over ourselves.

Anyone who has worked 18 hours a day to try to keep up with the rat race will find these teachings to be literally a life saver. Susie walks her talk and she has truly experienced all she shares. Expertly, yet simply written, my hope is that this visionary work will awaken the masses to really respond to the call to spirit, wholeness and healing. Her Award Winning personal development book (A Map To God) will dramatically change your life and perceptions of reality – read it if you dare! I could not put it down.”

Professor Miceal Ledwith L. Ph., D.D., LL.D., Former Papal Advisor to Pope John Paul II. Was a Professor of Theology for 16 years at Maynooth, Ireland, and for ten years served as President of the University. For 17 years he was a member of the International Theological Commission – a small group of 12 theologians of international standing charged with advising the Pope on theological matters. He was featured in the blockbuster movie What the #$*! Do We (K)now!? which grossed almost $11 Million.

Viscountess Marina Cowdray

“You are a brave lady, a guiding light and a huge inspiration to us all, Susie. Congratulations on your amazing achievements love Marina.”

Viscountess Marina Cowdray – The Cowdrays own Cowdray Park ‘the Home of British Polo’ and Pearson Plc, a London-based education and media conglomerate. It is the largest book publisher in the UK, India, Australia and New Zealand, which publishes amongst other things, the Financial Times and the Economist includes Penguin Books and Putnam Press.

Peter Gabriel

“Susie is a warm and sympathetic person with a great heart and a wonderful sense of humour. She is reliable, conscientious and can handle enormous responsibilities.”

Peter Gabriel World renowned singer, songwriter, performer, winner of the Nobel Man of Peace Prize, Founder of the Elders with Sir Richard Branson, Nelson Mandela and Jimmy Carter. Pete has known Susie since she was 12.

Lady Tracy Worcester

“The fact that Susie is able to attract huge audiences to her conferences in the depths of the British countryside reflects the level of respect people have for her profound wisdom. All the very best Susie!”

Lady Tracy Worcester Ecologist, Filmmaker & Champion of Human and Animal Rights. As Associate Director of the International Society for Ecology and Culture, and a trustee of the Gaia Foundation, she’s working to shift development from dependence on giant banks and corporations to local interdependence between people and their real needs.

Dr Lana Israel

“Susie is dedicated to assisting others in leading true, authentic lives. She is truly devoted to seeing others succeed. Thanks to this amazing work, I now approach every day knowing that I have the tools and the power within me to create and live my dreams.”

In 1993, Lana won the Glenn T. Seaborg Nobel Prize Visit Award (Grand Award) at the 44th International Science and Engineering Fair for her research on learning and memory. In 1994, the British Brain Trust named Lana ‘The Brain of the Year’ (joint recipient) for her contributions to education. Lana, who was elected a Rhodes Scholar in 1997, received her doctorate in Experimental Psychology from the University of Oxford and her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Harvard University.

Dr Bruce Piasecki

“My supercharged superheroes George Orwell and Benjamin Franklin suggested that life is about being informative, persuasive and delightful. They suggested early to me that life is but a stark empty box we are set in unless we learn thru talking and writing to extend our wings. Dr. Susan Anthony’s lifework centres on this set of higher facts about fate and freedom. Her new set of tapes and videos of accomplished social leaders brings this into a sharper, almost angelic, focus. Listen here and learn to fly.”

Dr Bruce Piasecki, Former Advisor Environmental Affairs – to Vice President Al Gore in the White House… 2 Terms of Office. Adviser to over 3,000 Fortune 500 CEO’s in last 20 years… including Warren Buffet company – Shaw Industries, Author of New York Times No 5 Bestseller Doing More With Less – Founder www.ahcgroup.com since 1981.

Gary Malkin

For time immemorial, human beings have demonstrated that we can awaken and motivate ourselves through the ancient power of story. This truth is at the core of Susie Anthony’s seminal Super Hero Code work. Each of us has within us a “super hero”, seeking to be activated, seen, honored, and expressed in our life stories so that we can, as Gandhi once said, ‘become the change we wish to see in the world”. I welcomed the invitation to work with Susie on the Super Hero Code work like a moth to flame!

Gary, a frequent keynote speaker at the Harvard Medical School, is dedicated to creating music and media resources that heal the spirit, inspire the heart and catalyse social change. Gary is proud to have served as the Artistic Director for a number of global events, such as the ’04 and ‘06 Quest for Global Healing Conferences, featuring Archbishop Desmond Tutu and other Nobel Laureates, in Bali, Indonesia. He was asked to serve as Artistic Director for the Noetic Sciences International Conference on Health and Consciousness, weaving relevant arts performances throughout…