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Starts on the 14th of October 2024 | Hosted on Zoom


Join the on-line Renaissance Community to be assisted to crack open and step out of the shell that’s limiting personal awareness, dig deeper into your own awareness expanding on the more traditional revitalisation and wellness theme, placing dynamic emphasis on powerful reconnection to high frequency energies… finding deep relaxation to enhance total self-transformation and massive personal empowerment. You could even begin to look and feel 20 years younger!

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About Renaissance

If you are tired of seeing the world’s precious resources depleted, in fight or flight mode just can’t run any faster on the treadmill, or realising that more does not equal happier, the Renaissance Community will open your life to greater understanding and happiness, healing, opportunity and purpose.

Renaissance Schedule

This is a snippet from the beginning of the previous class schedule.

14th October
Introduction and welcome


This is an introduction and welcome to the Renaissance Community as well as a chance for members new and old to introduce themselves.

21st October
Energy Mastery Attunement and healing
To prepare for The Longest Journey – 13″ out of the head and into the heart…
28th October
Brain Synchronisation
As key to banishing fear.
4th November
Shamanic Psychological Recapitulation
¿¿¿ What is it and Why is it Key to Self Realisation ???

Guest Mentors

Past and Present Speakers

Foster Gamble
Foster Gamble

Documentary Maker

Gary Malkin
Gary Malkin

Award-Winning Composer

Kevin Sorbo
Kevin Sorbo

Actor / Director

Heather Gray
Heather Gray

Gems and Stones

Interested in becoming a Guest Mentor?

Speak in this group to share your story.

Sean Stone
Sean Stone

Director / Filmmaker

Liz Presley
Liz Presley


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