General Terms and Conditions

Last updated June 2023

We accept credit or debit cards through Stripe and direct bank transfers through our secure website for all events, workshops, sessions and retreats. We accept credit or debit cards through Stripe for all other sales.

Once you send a deposit for a session, class, tour or retreat, you have committed yourself to that event. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable under any and all circumstances. In other words, be clear that you want to and are able to attend an event, workshop or retreat.

If you wish to cancel a one-to-one session, a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required. If less than 24 hours’ notice is given, your fee may not be refundable.

If for some reason, a class or tour is cancelled, you will be offered a replacement date or sent a full refund.

Our Refund/Returns Policy

Events, Workshops and Retreats:

You are not registered for an event, workshop or retreat until we receive a deposit.

If an event, workshop or retreat is full when we receive your payment, we will either refund your money immediately or if you prefer add you to the waiting list for the next event, workshop or retreat. If the dates for a class, tour, event, workshop or retreat are changed from the posted schedule, you will be asked whether you would still like to attend or receive a refund. Every attempt will be made to keep the dates of events, workshops and retreats the same as those that are posted in the schedule, but we are planning some of these over a year in advance in order to secure the best possible locations and facilities. Given the fact that Susie teaches all over the world, and given the rapid change of international situations, we may occasionally have to change events and/or dates.

For digital products purchased from the online store:

Due to the nature of digital purchases, there is a strict no-returns policy.

For physical products purchased from the online store:

All sales are final except in the case where the product is not as described or arrives damaged.

Specific Terms and Conditions for the Renaissance Group.

You agree to behave in such a manner as not to cause disruption or upset to other members. Doing so may mean your removal from the group without a refund.

Anything you see or hear within the Renaissance Community must not be shared outside of the group without express written permission of the member/s involved.

By being a part of the Renaissance Community you agree that any recording or testimonial of you or by you may outlast your membership and will continue to be used within the confines of the Renaissance Community (i.e. on Replays). No recording or testimonial will ever be shown outside the Renaissance Community without your express written consent (i.e. on promotional content).

The importance of agreeing to my teaching for TRANSPARENCY

To ignore the ego shadow persona seeking only to feel blissfully sweet and happy all the time is a dangerous path – usually fostered by dynamic mega denial and boundless ignorance in deep separation from the soul.

This denial equally relates to seekers, beginners, and many of those who just move energy around yet ignore their own underworld. Kriya Master Hari Hariananda warned us by saying “What do you get if you pour divine nectar into a poison cup? POISON!!!”.

It’s vital to be honest with the self, take the risks, to make the sacrifices, to actually fully feel the discomfort of transforming the lead of personality into spiritual gold…
The discomfort of outing shadow behaviour is only temporary, yet the ease you’ll eventually feel lasts a lifetime and has a knock-on effect that benefits kids, parents, and generations to come. Accordingly, by joining the Renaissance Community, I give my full permission to being transparent and fully engaging in the subtle work of naming and claiming ego shadow persona traits that hold me back.

Nearly 77% of the people on this planet get energy from others through control dramas and manipulation… or they value themselves from false external symbols of power. They get lost in all the games they need to play to acquire stuff and control people. Worse still 99% of these even people who teach spirituality are in deep denial of their patterning.

I teach people how to stop doing this and how to stop giving power away to others or things or places thus to feel vital again, staying energised and youthful. I teach using my own stories of transcending weaknesses, defects and denials, and yours within the spirit of transparency. Transparency and open honest sharing are both effective and cathartic, leading to authentic personal spiritual development.

If you wish to cancel your subscription to Renaissance, you must give one clear month’s notice by email to the address below.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at billingsupport@superherocode.co.uk. Thanks.