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Susie Says...

I have received lots of requests to keep going throughout the Summer months… and have come up with the idea of Renaissance Expanded. It will run every two weeks at the same time on a Monday but will be double the length of a usual session. This means I can dig deeper on featured topics and you can learn much much more. My guidance is that there will be continuing shifts in frequencies so some kind of group healing every other week will be vital to stay in balance and harmony and to maintain empowerment and a feel-good factor.

Extending your membership until September is as simple as signing up using the form linked below. The best part? You’ll continue at the same price you’re currently paying. This is a fantastic opportunity to revisit and deepen your understanding of the topics we’ve covered so far. You’re also welcome to suggest topics that you’d like us to explore in future sessions.

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Renaissance Expanded

Renaissance Expanded

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