• Supports authenticity, honesty and openness.
  • Enhances organising and co-ordinating abilities.
  • Catalyses and facilitates change and growth.
  • Develops tenacity, integrity and ability to achieve goals.
  • Deepens connection to higher intelligence.


  • Dynamic, empowers and activates potentials.
  • Confirms inner knowing and self-belief.
  • Brings clarity, insight and conviction.
  • Supports truth and directness of expression.
  • Promotes security in self and trust in life.  


  • Strengthens assertiveness and expression.
  • Energies of pioneering leadership and inspiration.
  • Brings open-mindedness, creativity and intuition.
  • Heightens sensitivity to subtle aspects of life.
  • Magnifies determination and motivation

Special discount on one-to-one appointments.

These dynamic sessions can be used for:

Overcoming Stress, Fear and Anxiety

Discovering how to cope with setbacks

 Reclaiming Psychological Balance  

Finding the six types of Courage

Becoming Ageless

These unique kickstart remote sessions can be talk therapy, energy healing or a mix of the two.

The talk therapy component is based on Susie’s Award-Winning book A Map to Love, which has been entered into the Bodleian Library and was also voted best personal spiritual development book of the year in 2009.

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