Welcome everyone to the Renaissance Community!

Hi everyone! 

My name is Jay; I run the admin, billing, and technical sides of the Renaissance Community for Susie. If you are rejoining, you’ll already know me.

This is now the fourth year of this very successful group. 

I have you on the waiting list for the upcoming Renaissance Group. With less than a week to go until this year’s session’s start, it is time to join up. 

You can find the details on how to do this below. You’ll also find a personal message from Susie at the bottom of the message. 

I know this is a long message, but it has a lot of important information, so if you have any questions, please let me know. 

Best wishes
Jay (click my name to send me an email)

IMPORTANT: If you have a special deal with Susie or myself, have already paid upfront, or have referred new members.
You will receive a special code separately to use when signing up to reduce your monthly fee.


Renaissance Rebooted Information 

This year’s Renaissance Group is called Renaissance Rebooted and will start on Monday, the 9th of October, at 7pm BST.
The following sessions will be on Monday evenings at 7pm UK Time. 

The Renaissance Group subscription is paid for monthly by credit or debit card. 

Now, for cost, unless you pay upfront, are returning from last year, or have a special deal with Susie, The total cost varies for the nine-month course; there is a £40 joining fee (which most of you have already paid) then nine monthly payments (the monthly cost varies this year because we have introduced tiers with differing rewards.). 

Please follow the link below to pay the joining fee to join this year’s Renaissance group.
Renaissance Group Joining Fee – https://payments.superherocode.co.uk/cart/yy-dtxhp 

If you’d prefer to pay upfront for the whole session, please let me know, as there is no joining fee. 

The link to set up your subscription is on this page: https://superherocode.co.uk/renaissance/

NOTE: If you have a special code to reduce your monthly fee, you must put it on the last page of the checkout, BEFORE you submit payment.

Once you’ve paid the joining fee and your first month’s subscription, you’ll be given access to the group chat room and the initial free assets that come along with the Renaissance Group. These include a free copy of Susie’s award-winning eBook A Map To God, a meditation, and a talk on the 7 Alchemical Levels, and a money-off voucher for anything in Susie’s online shop* 

*The money-off voucher cannot be used for your Renaissance payments or the joining fee; the voucher expires when you leave the group or at the end of the 9-month course. Depending on your membership tier, the money-off voucher ranges from 10% to 50%. 

NB: It is important that after you have paid your initial month’s subscription payment, you don’t close the page.
After the payment has been successfully processed, you’ll be redirected to the 
app signup page. Everything in Renaissance happens within the app.


A personal message from Susie 

This is a rare opportunity to join a small yet dynamic energy mastery-centred community of heart-based pioneers from all walks of life to discover their truest selves.  See my archived site from 25 years ago… www.psalifemastery.com re Community and Testimonials and Core Work.

Within each of us lie dormant abilities and extraordinary potentials far beyond what you know what was believed to be possible in the past. My initiations, attunements and weekly group healing based on an Ancient Alchemical Code are constantly astonishing many.  I was voted by the Sunday Times Magazine Columnist Hazel Courteney to be one of the most empowering healers-mentors on an International basis.

The key to accessing the highest expression of our humanness is to unlock this ancient Code to remember and activate our advanced neural networks, cell membranes and emotional intelligence that allows us to excel in everyday life and thrive in times of uncertainty.

Breaking down to Breakthrough… Renaissance Recharged is designed to do just that by recognising and releasing the limited fear-based beliefs of all past programming.

During this powerful nine months of mentorship, you will get the blueprint and techniques to discover and live this Code that includes modern-day psychological and leading-edge scientific discoveries to awaken your mysterious superhuman potential in the Shem Lightbody…  see Testimonials at www.superherocode.co.uk

You’ll also find out how to access and re-programme your body’s multiple operating systems to self-regulate the biology of your immune system template, stimulating junk DNA Codon, stem cells, regeneration and longevity enzymes and more, On-Demand, by accessing your innate epigenetic codes.

I’d love you to join. It’s priced very reasonably… the course runs weekly for nine months…, and playback sessions are posted weekly, too.

Best wishes ×××