Originally sent 3rd December 2021

Hi everyone,

Here are the details for the Sharing Circle sessions that will be available later this month.

What is the Sharing Circle?
The Sharing Circle sessions are a place to  come together and share your stories in a safe space; these sessions will be recorded but won’t be sold in the shop, the recordings will also only be made available to those that attend that session.

The sessions usually run for 90-120 minutes each time.

When is it, and how often are the sessions?
The first two sessions will be on the Friday the 17th and Wednesday the 29th of December at 7pm.

How much does it cost?
The cost per session is £20 with a discount offered if you pay for multiple sessions at once.

How do I sign up?
By using this link – https://payments.superherocode.co.uk/cart/nlmpda-hy

Where can I get more information?
If you want to know more about how these sessions work and how they came to be, there is a longer description below. You could also ask returning members who attended some of these sessions last year.

What if I bought sessions last time, but didn’t use them all?
If you have any credits for Sharing Circle sessions left over from Renaissance 1; these will be carried over. If you are unsure, let me know and I’ll tell you if you have any remaining.

As always, if you have any questions, please let me know.

Best wishes


More information
Here is some more information and some background on how these sessions came to be.

In the first Breakout Class (Ego Shadow Persona) in Renaissance 1, Susie had to make a customised redefined audio file of the class to sell online.  None of the members that attended would be appearing in that file because they all simply shared in-depth personal wound information.  This wasn’t Susie’s intention for the Breakout Session; she had envisaged the attendees all reading the notes and listening to the audio file and then, in a much more general way going into the breakout group to share … e.g. “this is my one question about ego shadow persona, and these are three things I have picked out from each level of the psychological centring model to focus on this month as we advance, then changing to three different one-word states to be released and focused on to develop if a positive state.”

What she realised is, is that there is a deep need alongside the weekly study group teaching sessions so that people can release off-camera on a regular basis.  Several people had approached her saying they got so much out of sharing their own stuff in Breakout yet also from listening to other people share.  This is because listening to others share brings up repressed memories or denials around painful wounds, which is incredibly therapeutic.   In line with requests from a number of the attendees, she decided to create a SHARING CIRCLE event, they were incredibly successful.

It would be highly supportive for you all as you move on through the levels and especially when embracing PSYCHOLOGICAL RECAPITULATION.   To have Susie’s clear guidance would be helpful beyond measure.  Her normal one to one charge is £100 per hour – so again, this is mentoring at it’s best AND most economical. Susie is willing to invest her time into your sacred personal spiritual development and is really excited about the possibilities.  This is the format of sharing in the group that Susie has used before in Community, and you can see from Judy’s and other’s testimonials, it’s highly effective.

You will all feel so much better to open the heart here safely and release and receive spiritual mentorship at a price you can afford.  She is also offering personal mentoring to those who can afford it on a one to one basis.