Originally sent 24th October 2021

Hi everyone,

This email is the last of the three introduction emails before I send out the subscription sign-up links. If you haven’t seen all of the emails, I will link to online versions of them below.

This email is to give everyone a chance to recap on the last session of Renaissance 2020 (the session was held in August this year). Some of you, of course, are new and won’t have seen it before. This will give you a perfect chance to see and hear everyone’s closing comments and praise for the Renaissance Group… It’s worth noting that more than half of that class has rejoined after they felt it was so dynamic and life-changing… The link for this is at the bottom of the email. There are no downloads; just click on the link to watch it.

Also included in this email are links to download your free copy of Susie’s Award-Winning book A Map To God. You’ll also find links below to the 7 Alchemical Levels Talk and Meditation sessions. Please listen to these before the first live session on the 1st of November at 7 PM (UK Time).
If you have any questions or need any help, please let me know.

Best wishes

Link to the Last Renaissance Session – https://vimeo.com/600352577/4732f76a3f

Link to the A Map To God e-book – https://payments.superherocode.co.uk/cart/zppvarh8 (Use the code FREEBOOK2021 on the last page to get a 100% discount)

Link to the 7 Alchemical Levels Talk – https://vimeo.com/504376506/c0b31f1b7c

Link to the 7 Alchemical Levels Guided Meditation – https://vimeo.com/504376487/3e10e156ec

Link to the first email – https://superherocode.co.uk/renaissance/introduction-to-renaissance/

Link to the second email – https://superherocode.co.uk/renaissance/benefits-of-renaissance/

Link to the third email – https://superherocode.co.uk/renaissance/renaissance-recap-and-preparation/