Originally sent 3rd December 2021

Hi everyone,

The first Breakout Class for Renaissance Reloaded is here!

Breakout Classes are an extension of the main group; they delve deeper into certain subjects and are highly recommended, both by Susie herself and previous attendees of the classes.

All attendees get a replay after the session that they can watch whenever they need a refresher. This Breakout Class also comes with accompanying material in the form of handouts.


How to overcome DENIALS

The teachings of Yogi Hari Hari Ananda apply –  what do you get if you pour mana from heaven into a poison cup? Poison!!! Hmmm

It’s irresponsible to teach any form of energy mastery to someone without showing them how to clear ego shadow persona simultaneously; lest they empower what’s inside, e.g. festering wounds around rejection, abandonment, betrayal that have been denied, repressed, etc. and all kinds of shadow aspects that have become habitual behaviour on your journey.   

If you enjoyed Judy’s share recently, then come dig deeper…  A dynamic opportunity to ask all the questions you’ve ever wanted about how I teach powerful connection to Universal life force energies (Reiki) plus experience Reiki Harmony Balance and Empowerment in a group healing attunement.

Two Hours


28th December 2021

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If you have any questions, please let me know.

Best wishes