Originally sent 23rd October 2021

Hi everyone,

This email is all about the benefits of being a member of the Renaissance Community Group.

The most obvious benefit is why you’re all here – Susie’s teachings and expertise.  There is a message from Susie at the bottom of this email.

Main benefits

  • The cost of this course is £580 for the whole nine months; if you were to instead pay Susie for 1-2-1 sessions, you would only get a fraction of the healing power than if you attended the whole nine-month course. (If you are returning from the last Renaissance course or you’ve pre-paid, your fee will be lower.)
  • You get a free e-copy of Susie’s award-winning book – A Map To God.
  • You get a 10% discount off anything in Susie’s online shop.
  • Free 7 Alchemical Levels Course
  • Free SoundCloud Meditations
  • Sharing Circle Sessions – These are additional sessions with a smaller group of members that get together in a more intimate setting for group healing.
  • Breakout Classes – These are additional sessions that cover a certain aspect of spiritual healing.

If anyone has any questions, please let me know.

Best wishes

Message from Susie:

And the world reflects what we carry in our hearts…  we see the world through the lens of what we carry in our hearts. 

A dead heart cannot perceive the magic… only a heart made conscious filled with love peace compassion joy wonder passion and courage can live magically…

I have mentored and attuned thousands of people over the last couple of decades and changed lives in miraculous ways yet ultimately it depends on what lives in and is fed in people’s hearts.  Those who do the work in a balanced way find gold.  Others… lead.

 The winners on the path learn to alchemise lead into gold… fear into love…  the losers are claimed by their darkness and I feel such compassion for them.

Join me weekly to truly open your heart – learn all the how-to of conquering blocks to abundance, great relationships and success on all levels. 

Receive incredibly dynamic attunements to propel you to resonate with higher frequencies to rise shine thrive… plus magnificent group healings to restore wholeness, balance and harmony within.  Learn what an authentic community feels like and how to create it for yourself for the greater good.